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Thursday, June 24, 2010

haha haha bodoh

1. Jakarta and Jogjakarta, Indonesia; 20-24 April 2003
Total cost: RM 201,452

Dr Khir, his wife, daughter and maid also went on the trip. The purpose was for delegates 'to study' Indonesia's batik production which was supposed to lead to the opening of a batik factory in Selangor.
Cost of airfare for Dr Khir, his wife, daughter and maid: RM37,695
Miscellaneous cost incurred by the delegates: RM34,404
Spent on two-day rental of a limousine / Mercedes Benz in Jakarta: RM5,800
Paid for two-day rental of a limousine / Mercedes Benz in Jogjakarta: RM5,000

2. Morocco and Paris: 17-24 December 2004
(inclusive of four-day transit in Dubai)
Total cost: RM900,000

The trip, attended by Dr Khir, his wife, children and maid as well as PNSB delegates, was 'to study' Islamic architecture, which could be adopted in Selangor.

The group, which had a reconnaissance trip beforehand, also visited Paris Disneyland to generate ideas for a theme park in Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

They bought tickets to enter the theme park and did not meet any Disneyland representatives.

Cost of official trip: RM416,000
Airfare: RM366,000
Ground arrangements: RM420,000
City travel: RM70,000
Other expenses: RM43,000

3. Honolulu (Hawaii) & Orlando (Florida): 23 December 2007 to 1 January 2008
Total Cost: RM646,841
Additional cash taken: RM101,000

A 'technical study' on the Bagan Lalang theme park was also the pivotal reason for the trip. The group, comprising Dr Khir, his family and PNSB delegates, bought tickets to DisneyWorld and again did not meet any Disneyland representatives.
A tour guide instead took them around. Cost of Dr Khir's luxury suite:RM110,000

Cost of six single superior rooms for the delegates: RM171,000
Cost of one twin-sharing room: RM24,800

Khairiyah claimed that on the trips, Dr Khir and his wife flew only first class.

The itinerary of the US trip also included visits to Miami Beach, island tours, dinner cruises and a Honolulu city tour.


surayaya said...

haha. mmg bodoh

Anonymous said...

name pun toyol

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

wow...thats sure a LOT of money...
i hope the theme park and factory thing is true... if not...he's dead..such a waste i think~

p/s: redza, can u really post this here? i hope that you still can open your blog again after this...

Anonymous said...

You live in a house like that and called bodoh who cares.He has done nothing wrong because he was not caught.And he will tell you that god is on his side. I hope the real God will stand up to save this country.

redza minhat said...

Errrrr... Anonymous 9.21 pm. That was a full statement by the one of the pnb executives in court on BALKIS. Relax. No need to get worked up. I probably paid tax more than you last year.

Anonymous said...

Wah....kalau cam ni jadi maid pun tak kisah ok. Boleh buat trip around the world :)Dia bukan ada anak kecik pun kan..

ditto redza, chill la anon 9.21

p/s: Do u think he did his face recontruction using ppl's money too?


redza minhat said...

algae. theres a high chance it could be.

Anonymous said...

well..he can always say that he ate tempe everyday...which is bull!!

cik S said...

nose job. zero. tempe works well :P

Anonymous said...

c'mon la u people! memang sebab tempe hokeh! haha...

+ berkat wudhu' yg sempurna!

Anonymous said...

c'mon la anon 1:57.....

dyanz tiara said...

hah, politians are all the same.

Anonymous said...

i need a good laugh...can u post something new redza? bored to see toyo's face everytime i open ur blog.

- love ur writings -

=P said...

i jus terserempak ngan ur blog ni today.. tq coz mewujudkan blogs like diz. =)

teddyuna said...

eeeeeeeeeeee,. pakai duit bnyk2.. bazir2..duit govermen plak tu.. aduh tak kesian ke .. baik bagi kat org2 susah...

Cahaya Kebahagiaan said...

i like this entry! ;D