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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what can i do...



surayaya said...

same here :(

Anonymous said...

no luck in love?

nway, if ever malaysia's gonna produce a new drama series like Numbers...u shud definitely be in it.. :)

lissaism said...

eyy... cheer up.

my fav is #162.

#112 pun sweet.

but #543 was personal because I'm one of those ppl.

xkcd ftw! *semicolondancapitald*

Anonymous said...

not sure if u'll like this but this can give u a good laugh therapy ;)

try reading the "The Alot is Better Than You at Everything" it's soooo funny....

Anonymous said...

Haha all I can say is this equation can be translated that your are hopeless when it comes to love..may be don't have to be too complicated like this equation kot..awek lari bro tgk math equation banyak sgt..

-badak biru-

ageeba said...

differentiation and integration formula. perfect formulae for love.

Anonymous said...

One day, you will ask me
Which one is more important?
My life or yours?

I will say mine
And you will walk away not knowing that you are my life

~Khalil Gibran

If only love isn't that complicated, kan?

scavoute said...

cool find.

Anonymous said...

i think im falling in love with ur 'complicatedness'

wish can get to know mr. complicated, but dun think mr. redza wud allow mr. complicated to get to know anonymous


Mya said...

sangat suka kamu! i mean ur toughts! =)))

Andartu Timbuktu said...

Oh please...I quit over analyzing this subject a longgg time ago.

If a=love and a= complicated so the best equation to that is a-a=0.

if b= relationship and c= problems and if b+c = headache then perhaps the b is not the right b for u.

Shit, and why am I analyzing this?

Lala Halim said...

belaja add math pun payah nie pulaa "add math" love..=_=

Anonymous said...

hi redza,
just found out bout this blog and cant help to fall in luv with it..nice thoughts and u really have a gift to converse it in ur writing..pls keep writing and i'll definitely keep on reading.. =)

oh btw, i'm gonna quote this love equotion someway ya? tqvm!

p/s: i dont believe in such fan-idol relationship either, though i guess i just adore u.. =)