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Thursday, May 27, 2010

to all saints with love

ive got a pretty interesting reply for my previous entry which deserves audience. enjoy.

OK, I'm bringing the fight over to here. Some quotes from Wiki:

- Currently, there is widespread scientific consensus that exposure to secondhand smoke is harmful. The link between passive smoking and health risks is accepted by every major medical and scientific organization, including:

* The World Health Organization
* The Centers for Disease Control
* The United States Surgeon General
* The United States Environmental Protection Agency[99]
* The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council[105]
* The United Kingdom Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health[106]

* The governments of 168 nations have signed and currently 164 have ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which states that "Parties recognize that scientific evidence has unequivocally established that exposure to tobacco smoke causes death, disease and disability."

- The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization concluded in 2004 that there was sufficient evidence that secondhand smoke caused cancer in humans.

- A British study reported that exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease among non-smokers by as much as 60%, similar to light smoking.

- Evidence also shows that inhaled sidestream smoke, the main component of secondhand smoke, is about four times more toxic than mainstream smoke."

- Secondhand smoke is popularly recognized as a risk factor for cancer in pets."

- Animals like dogs, cats, squirrels, and other small animals are affected by not only second-hand smoke inhalation, but also nicotine poisoning... Littered cigarette butts from smokers are a problem for small animals that mistake them for food."

So, let's see........ your lifestyle choices are more important than the health of others? Fuck you.

And for those of you who claim that Wikipedia is unreliable, you're supposed to read the citations, silly.

OK, so suppose you say non-smokers can fuck off. Then I say why don't YOU fuck off? Simple reason: There are times when being exposure to second-smoke is unavoidable unless legislation is put into place. E.g., restaurants (people need to eat), work place (people need to work), toilets (people need to shit), parks (people need to sweat), beaches (people need to see turtles), clubs (people need to grind), bars (people need to get laid, uhh, I mean, drink).;
would help you see why this is important, such as:

- In the first 18 months after Pueblo, Colorado enacted a 2003 smoking ban, hospital admissions for heart attacks dropped by 27% while admissions in neighbouring towns without smoking bans showed no change.

- UK's Bar Workers' Health and Environment Tobacco Smoke Exposure (BHETSE) study found the percentage of all workers reporting respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing, shortness of breath, cough and phlegm production, fell from 69% to 57%.

- A comprehensive smoking ban in New York was found to have prevented 3,813 hospital admissions for heart attacks in 2004.

You will note there's one (only one) contradictory study, but it was carried out by non-health professionals.

Also, this might be new to you, but;
shows the effects of third-hand smoke. So yeah, even if you do not smoke directly in front of a non-smoker, there are all these particles that you carry with you or are left behind, that will be inhaled by them.

Anyway, on a kinder note, this website might help you see past your defensive rationalization mechanisms at work when it comes to smoking:;

a. I don't own pets
b. I agree second hand smoking increases the risk of you having cancer compared to those not exposed - like when i agreed that if you go to the jungle and wrestle a bear, you are more likely to die compared to those staying at home.
c. In sum, I've already agreed that smoking does not contribute positively to health. anymore pasted facts on that i consider porn for grandma. its like watching re-runs of little house on prairie in the afternoon.
d. I also agree that sometimes it is unavoidable to avoid the lifeless, shapeless, spineless inanimate smoke in public places. But i have a solution for that, either ban smoking in those places (which you can't - and i'll explain this later) or avoid it in the first place. avoid the unavoidable.
e. The reason why it is called a public place is solely because it is maintaned by tax payers money. unless if you want to go down to "how much we paid tax" last year, let it still be a public place.
f. If the world has endorsed smoking as badass, then ban it already. now except for perhaps a number of districts and states think why they haven't done it. mostly because they can't. the economy is like a big giant orgy made by pockets of orgy. the bigger pocket is usually more important than the lesser one. talking further about this will lead to you becoming an anti capitalist and i shall try to avoid that.
g. Since you can't ban smoking entirely, and apparently it is so difficult to avoid cigarette smoke, on top of that it is four times more toxic than actually smoking it, why don't you go get a pack and reduce your risk by four times.
h. everyone's a junkie at something. you are boring if you don't have one.
i. your reply confirms what i said... that we are all selfish, it goes down to you saying fuck you to me and me replying with a big fu too. i hope we are both not offended.
j. when i was a kid, i knew an ice cream seller who annoyed basically everyone in the neighbourhood with his funky-epileptic-cheap disco ice cream tune. one day one neighbour told him off in which he replied, "lu tak suka, lu pindah pigi hutan la!"
k. i'll catch you around. :)


Anonymous said...

don't do what you'll have to find an excuse for...

Anonymous said...

ntah pape... mcm pandai tapi bodo.. fu!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11.08am, what if u want to do an 'excuse me?'... tahan sampai tak tahan? :P just messing with u here

Anonymous said...

i like comment di atas! sngt tepat!!! bagus anon 11.08!

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

ok...both of you are juz the same... its like u guys try to hit ur own image in the mirror..the only diff is.. each of you pretend that the image is just an image.. but act, it shows who you are...

redza minhat said...

U must have an excuse for leaving comments anonymously. No? Come on, having excuses is what makes us human. Not animals.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....comparing us to animals? excuses...again! ngehehe...just kiddin' needla to be so offended.we're just sharing our opinions. i'm well aware that none of us are perfect, including meself. 0-0 ok redza :)

owh..n why i remain anonymous? well, simply becoz i dun have a blog of my own & a gmail..that's all..other than that, i luv reading ur blog. soo gives me a good laugh-theraphy when im all stressed out at work. for that..i'd have to thank u ;)(not bodek-ing ok).. :p

btw, anon 4:20am..ur so funny!! i likeee... ;)

~anon 11:08a.m.~

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day someone has to die of lung cancer kan..and other cancers associated with smoking.
kalau tak, sia2 us doctors belaja pasal pelbagai jenis cancer in med school.
..and yes, am being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

telampau penting kan diri kan ko ni! kalu satu hari besok anak bini ko sakit disebabkan menatang2 ni... baru ko tau langit tinggi rendah..

sombong tak tentu pasal ko ni..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ego bleh tahan eks. padahal bijak.

"bukan mata yg buta tp hati di dalam dada..."


Anonymous said...

My mum got pneumonia because of secondhand smoking. One of her lungs is no longer functioning.

My uncle was in a coma for a month because of smoking.

My dad now has hypertension because of smoking too. And no insurance would cover him if he needs heart surgery, which definitely would cost a bomb.

Redza, it's not a joke when it really happens to the people you love.

Anonymous said...

just wondering..

all these they actually mean anything to you?

Anonymous said...

no answer? am curious too.

Iron Butterfly said...

Dear Redza abang Dalie,

Just last weekend I posted an FB status asking my friends to TRY to quit smoking.

I don't smoke (I only wished I do when the Chairwoman of the Bank said I could go up & smoke cigar with her IF I do smoke), heck I sometimes go to the staircase to chat with my colleagues while they are smoking.

But last weekend, I saw how painful it could be. My grandpa has lung cancer. He could barely speak now. Every time he tried, I saw how hard it is for him to do so. It sounded like he has a bad asthma, but it's actually the cancer terrorizing his lungs.

I am asthmatic myself. So I somehow understood how painful it could be. But the thing is, my asthma will usually go away in 24 hours, or after I take the nebulizer.

But cancer won't.

My heart broke into a million pieces.

Not only you'll be really really sick, but it breaks the hearts of the people who love you to see you suffer like that.

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

haha guys, chill...
redza, you have lots of fans becoz of diz post...
nice topic~
but still...everyone, all these things happen around us rite? so deal with it laa...
if you find it good for you, take it..
if not, dont waste your time...move on...