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Monday, May 17, 2010

imma gonna let you finish working my back

so guys.
finding it hard to get a girl to agree on backrubs?
try this.


Anonymous said...

why did I think that the guy in that pic looks like you?? :p

Anonymous said... offense redza..but i'd have to agree with anonymous 10:46pm.

if you chubbykan sikit the guy in the pic, pendekkan rambut dia, buang misai tp tambah jambang2 instead, mmg same..

n oohh..add a handphone to his right hand & wallaaa...barulah perfect that pic..

actually..change the sofa to a bmw instead..ahhahh...same.. (wink!)

p/s: totally understand if u dun wanna post this comment ;p

feelinblue said...

no i beg 2 differ..

Anonymous said...

feelinblue...ur totally into redza aren't u?

dedalie said...

tak sama langsung pun. muka dia macam pelakon Laksamana Do Re Mi yang jadi Menteri Pasola tu haha.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!!!! LMAO !!!! WTF.