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Thursday, May 13, 2010

decent is not enough

arman. born a malay.
went to a sekolah kebangsaan.
went on to sekolah menengah kebangsaan.
realised his life started when studying for pmr.
didnt do that well in pmr.
had fun when he was 16.
played football for school.
studied hard for spm.
he was worried of not getting a place in the university.
he did well.
got a place in a local university.
studied IT because he was fascinated with the internet.
mainly the Internet Relay Chat.
found love in university.
he graduated second class upper.

got a job as tech support in an oil company.
got married at 26.
had his first kid 2 years later.
bought his first MPV when he was 30.
that was when he got his second kid.
brought his family abroad to do his mba.
came back and became a manager.
bought a house a year later from his fat bonus.
nothing much changed 10 years later as he watched his kids grew.
loyal to the company til the day he retired.
retired a general manager.

perform Haj 3 years later.
was diagnosed with colon cancer at 60.
struggled with cancer for a year.
devoted his life to God.
was declared free of cancer at 63.
had granchildren.
and more grandchildren.
was again diagnosed by cancer at 68.
gave up trying a year later.
passed away the following year.
his family thought he had a decent life.

on his deathbed though.
he thought something was missing.
he realised he was living life on a path.
its like a man made formula to ensure continuity of system.
he thought something was missing.
he never found out what it was.


Anonymous said...

there r millions of arman out there..

that's just how life is..

we r either too busy chasing after somethings in life that we ended up overlooking some other things (which could be even more meaningful to us), or, we thought that we're already living a perfect life that what we have is already enough...

hmm....i think this is why people say that we should enjoy each moments in life n just be grateful of what we have...

a simple solution to NOT be like arman is --> NEVER stop exploring this awesome whole wide world...

Anonymous said...

tell me one thing redza...

r u the kind of man that wants to be known/liked/loved BECOZ ur an actor/director (becoz ur 'famous')

u wanna be known/liked/loved for who you are?

redza minhat said...

ill tell you this.
i don't wanna be liked.
its beyond my control.

Anonymous said...

a human who doesn't want to be liked..hmm...ur really that complicated haa??

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

prefer to be liked sometimes...but not all the times...
there's a word called 'privacy'.

Andartu Timbuktu said...

By the way, keep the graphics going. Best.

Andartu Timbuktu said...

Don't be an Arman. Do Theater.Bwahaha.
Or musicals.

monsie said...

tat's a question i ask myself everyday. do i wanna b like arman?

yet, i find no wrong abt being arman. if i were him, i might be happier. at least he realize something was missing only whn he was 69.

Mya said...


mariakamalmilatu said...

For sure I'm not Arman. My life is so complex. :)

lolahunny said...

I like this entry.

can i repost this?