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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


we all know that.

smokers are pretty much second class citizen compared to non-smokers.

but smoking. boy isn't it fantastic. its like a reset button. whatever it does to me, it works. on top of that, cigarette smoke gives you a mythic appearance, imagine appearing from a dark corner with minimal lighting, croony jazz tune and cigarette smoke.

until your mom spoils it.

obviously smoking doesn't contribute positively to health but i'm saying this - so are a lot of other things. like car racing in sepang, transmission towers, concrete slabs in hartamas, mcdonalds, drinking teh tarik, drinking coke - owh! almost all negeri sembilan food are nothing but heart attack on a plate (no offence), ive seen a lady who eats roti canai every day which means at least she eats 20 pieces of roti canai a month at minimum - surely smoking increases my chance of getting the obvious lung cancer, but i avoid eating rice on weekdays, surely it pretty much squared it out doesn't it? so how is that different with cigarettes?

lets see.


can't think of any.

wait. maybe this. a few years back, when i first started, i found out how easily people get annoyed by cigarette smoke. many women were repelled as they waved condescendingly the inanimate lifeless smoke away. and many times i was lectured about... horrible things that happen to you being a second hand smoker. pretty hyperbolic though its like yea, you are telling me this but your food blog explains your figure at the same time.

so between overconsuming carbo and smoking, the only parallel comparison is that, people are lame and obnoxious and we are all on a constant justification trip point-to-point. whether or not they realise it is a different thing. other people could die, but not me. and since i do not consume nicotine, i am ok. and a selfish too.

i guess - that's ok. cause i am by design - a selfish anyway. and i do believe a man can be an island. i have always been prepared to only exist in people's memory lapses. on top of that i am easily annoyed by things too, which means i could relate if one was annoyed by the inanimate, lifeless cigarette smoke.

but here's the thing. since cigarette smoke is inanimate, its lifeless and hence won't follow you around. if you see someone smoking and you hate it.

walk away.

we don't want you around anyway. tu je. :)


dragonajie said...

nak isap isap le, tapi consider gak people around you. it pisses me off when i'm having meals with my kids around and some jackass puff smoke at our direction. being selfish is fine, tapi kalau selfish to the point of menyusahkan orang, tu dah kategori asshole.

2 cents.

Anonymous said...


oh jngn lupa, mostly org yg smoking ni ade aura 'aku ensem' (walhal tak ensem)! hehe =p