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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

dah habis dah adli

ni gambar gua dengan adli.
to those who came.
thank you.

bak kata my english teacher.

"i loveeee you all."


reen said...

yep2 best gilew nak tgok agy cuz 100% funny!!!

feelinblue said...

org 1st?

gigi besiiii

Along said...

ah ur are very much welcome!

i cant forget the part when u shouted "muka jangan main aaa!!!"

haha, that was hahahaha hilarious!

and my thanks to ur sister too :')

hope to see ur show more in the future, and thank you again.

Natasha Basok said...

agree! part yg 'muka jgn maen, cr mkn.....' mmg i burst to the death, looking rwrd to watch ur anothr play!

u guys mg sempoi laaaa~

Andartu Timbuktu said...

Some people came more than once. Nice photo.Who took this one?

Anonymous said...

my lecturer pn alwaiz said I Love You All...

Estella Victoria said...

it was awesome :)

reen said...

next play plz!!