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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


intoxicated by alcohol. otherwise known as being drunk. means - losing body and mind control due to high level of substance - ethanol. it leads to erratic behaviour. which is a common denominator - sekiranya anda "orang gila".

erratic behaviour = mabuk
erratic behaviour = gila

ergo - mabuk sama seperti turning "gila".

i am pretty sure you've heard about crazy people will always deny that they are crazy.or "orang gila tak akan mengaku gila". but the thing is, on the flip side, if you claimed that you are mad then it sets the case for you to be one. it is one of those lose-lose scenarios you see.

now. if you were to replace gila with mabuk - as proven earlier, "orang mabuk tak akan mengaku mabuk." kalau dia mengaku mabuk - especially to the press, then it means memanglah dia mabuk.


it does not matter whether or not you claim to be drunk or you claim not to be drunk.
in such situation, it just means you are.

tricky? yeah. i think so too.


Andartu Timbuktu said...


Andartu Timbuktu said...

Soalan bodoh: Erratic tu mcm erotic ke? Ahahaha. Saja je.

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

berkenaan kah ini post dengan gossip yg melanda sekarang?

aziz husairi said...

hahaha..i got it...
but sama jer r if org mabuk mengaku atau tak mengaku dia mabuk..dia tetap mabuk..tak gitu??hahaha

bluemonster said...

seem like dis is a discussion based on the current issue... indeed, sape nk ngaku wat salah.. denial..denial..

noharanutdya said...

org yg mabuk takmo ngaku dia mabuk pasal nk elak. but kalu dia lagi elak. org lagi mahu tahu. dan bnyk soklan diterjah. result: org ramai ada yg kesian. maybe dia terjebak.

dan kalu dia mabuk dan mengaku dia mabuk. dia akan berdepan dgn pelbagai soklan juga. dan org akan chop dia begitu begini. dan paling teruk dia kena hentam. result: org ramai menyampah.

so kita ada pilihan ketiga? selain dr no comment?? yea.. idup jd paling susah bila mahu menjawab soklan.