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Friday, December 04, 2009

kalau kau cakap kau tak cool, kau sebenarnya cool and that isn't cool.

so what if what you saw... wasn't real?
like for instance, you don't have fingers.
those are actually carrots.
but you see them as fingers.
fingers in my head might look different from fingers in your head.
what if you looked like an ape in my head.
because i see myself as an ape.
but that is fine because ive been seeing apes since forever.
which means... we are all apes.
or we are all just hollow.
filled with images we are programmed to see.
which means. in essence.
we do not exist.
we are just articles from a big ass mosaic of perception.

so cane?


Andartu Timbuktu said...

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey went missing, monkey where are you?

-Miss Ape to Mr. Ape-

tyrivene said...

what we see is always real. our point of view makes it different from another.