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Sunday, December 13, 2009

i am not a free man.

you can never be a free man.
at least not easily.
even if you decide to disconnect and run into the wild.
into the wild was a good movie.
about a man wanting to be free.
but he isn't free since he is constantly fighting.
fighting to reach his ideals.
so from that observation alone, it says that...
as long as you are fighting, you are not free.

most men in the street are not free.
because most men are rational.
when you are rational, you are made of reasons.
and as long as you have reasons...
you are not a free man.

the only way for you to be free.
is to be free of reasons.
which means - you are irrational.
irrational men are free.
but it is hard to be irrational.
even the act of saying
"i have no reason for doing that"
- is a reason.

face fact.
most of us are not 'free men'.
which only means that we are fighters with reasons.

you tell me if that is not a good thing.



Anonymous said...

it got me thinking...yes...

aziz husairi said...

yup...dat rite

Zaleha Khairene said...

wishful thinking. we can never be free of reasons..unless we're officially insane..

nogen said...

there's no fun in having complete freedom. owning reasons says it all.