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Thursday, November 19, 2009

sudah sudah la tu.

dear risk-free entities...

i think we learn more from insults rather than compliments. from suffering rather than happiness. from negatives rather than positives.

i think facts are facts and you can't make it disappear on account of your likes and that's a fact. and if you live life based on a framework of facts, you rarely get excited... but you'll move ahead at high velocity. velocity is very important... if your life is a convex graph... the velocity decides convexity. convex is better than straight linear. straight linear is dull.

i think everything is relative... in essence, if you feel good about yourself, it only shows the size of your relativity to the world... and usually the smaller it is, the easier you could show it. but the bigger it is, the harder you could hide it... i think its better being discovered than to show. because to show is vulgar.

i think intelligence is much vulgar than wealth. intelligence is the last line of defence before religion. its like when everything else fails such as, looks, muscles, wealth... popularity, you go back to intelligence. its vulgar and its weak.

and i think i'd rather be a dickhead, rotten to the core, hated... than forgettable. and i think to have an effect on the space i am living in is far superior than being comfortable, happy and safe. which in a way means i'd rather be a failure than practical. broke than just average.


enough about what i think. tell me what's on your mind.


Anonymous said...

I think, I'd rather be rich and unhappy than to be broke and unhappy still.

And if you don't show, no one will ever discover.


Anonymous said...

to show and be discovered takes away the magic. there is no opposition between both verbs, since one is a consequence of another. opposition gets us standing like the gravity that pulls us down opposed by the spine. without opposition, you can't stand... and that is weak.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that's a good explanation. Very matured.

On the other hand, you're a dickhead. You are the one unforgettable, sweet and naughty dickhead.

Aleeya Antasya said...

what's on my mind is only u...hehe
really crazy of u when i see ur acting in pisau cukur...
u was so cute.....

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

hi redza! i must say tis, i fall for u since pisau cukur and i dun miss any impian sunsilk just to watch u eversince!

i'm about to apply my braces in a month time, since when r u wearing this? does it hurt? =)

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

i think, there's nothing wrong in showing ourselves if it is in a right way...for example, if you have a talent..
why should you hide it..maybe by showing others you have something, that would make people respect you more..because in my opinion, people now are soo not friendly..they choose their we must be somebody to be somebody...yes, to being discovered can give us more opputurnity, but what happen if we're not? we have to wait until we die?

i'msosupernotcool said...

i rather be a dickhead than forgettable..
wow.. such a gntlemen..

its hard nwadys i mean to be unforgettable..
u show urslf.. thy notce u..
then tmrw?
a new day.. new chllge..
n who the fck r u again?

btw i havnt watch psau cukur yet..
was it great?

chokio_nia said...

what if i have a concave graph life??what was that supposed to mean??hurmmmm..

Anonymous said...

that's why you blend in, dickhead.

ZubaidahArshad said...

Allo mister.
Standing ovation for you.

clap clap clap

Valkyrie said...

though convex is better than straight linear, reaching the point through convex way takes longer time compare to straight linear...

so, depends on how fast you want to get to the point? with minimal or higher risk? then again there's the question what kind of risks you'd wanna take?

am i making any sense?

azella addin said...

the proper function of us human, is to live, not to exist.

;)so yup, i'd rather be broke than just average.

noharanutdya said...

kamu paham BM kan? okeh.

jika saya, saya lebih suka menjadi misteri daripada semua org kenal. saya tidak suka show off untuk melakukan sesuatu perkara untill dah takde calon ketika itu. saya tetap akan memberi idea begitu-begini. tetapi saya tidak suka semua mata tertumpu kepada saya. dan mengatakan saya hebat begitu begini.

graf cembung atau graf garis lurus tidak membawa apa-apa erti jika tiada kecerunannya. setinggi mana keceruanan dia. stinggi itula cabaran hidup kita. dan ianya semakin mencabar.

*saya rasa graf hiperbola mampu buat kita ke arah anjakan paradigma. kita mampu lakukan sesuatu luar biasa andai kita fikirkan kita mampu buat tanpa memikirkan kata org sekeliling.

satu soalan utk kamu. tak suka balas komen org ya?

redza minhat said...

even if you adjust coefficient in a linear relationship, it will still be linear. my point is, linear is boring, its predictable. you can have hyperbolic if you want. thats your prerogative.

and the goal is to maintain a level of mystery just enough for you not to be unknown. now that was a double negative. let's see how u process that.

i do reply comments. deservingly.

:) cheers.

noharanutdya said...

thanks lah ada tindak balas dr kamu redza minhat. ihi. saya igt kamu tak suka balas komen.

maintain utk terus tak dikenali? agak sukar. sbb org kita ni benda yg 'tak boleh', 'jangan', 'secret', 'misteri' dn dll yg diorg nak ambil tahu sangat. right?

so, same as me. saya mencari mana2 link yg berkaitan kamu. dan saya jumpa blog kamu. susah ya jd org yg dikenali?

hezz said...

hahaha tak larat sungguh baca weird2 comments dari both peminat dan pembenci u.. dah lama tak masuk ur blog..tgk2 mcm2 dah skrg sejak jadi fofular ni..heheh.. biasalaa ragam manusia..ada yg suka ada yg tak.. makes the world go round kan? apa2 pun.. thumbs up to you laa bro.. hanya org yg betul2 tough mentally and emotionally can go through all these and strive! I have only respect for you.. All the best in your future endeavours!

bluemonster said...

bro.. i do agree wif u about alomst ur ideas esp "convex is better than straight linear. straight linear is dull".. though, life is never be ideal... live it whislt u can..take my advice.. mistake is the portal of the discoveries, bro!!

cik S said...

i think...ur awesome..surprised to know that now-a-celeb-like-u can write (no offense, i just haven't encountered any of local writing). keep on being urself ;)

p/s: was wandering if u wrote some part of the script pisau cukur esp in ur scene hehe