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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

all apologies

truth is. i think you are an imbecile. i think your wife's ugly, and your kids are ugly. and you bore me. for real.

well. that didn't come out right. if i could rewind... it would probably come out like this.

i find that on average, i use verbal interactions in every 4 minutes. the duration of each interaction varies circa 3-5 minutes each. which means if i were to work out the maths, in an hour, i will spend about 20 minutes interacting, hence in a day about 250 minutes after considering rate of decline.

and in the 250 minutes of interaction, close to 60% of it is complete bullshit and for the most part of that bullshit... 40% is to conform to social cues like complimenting on someone's dress while in actual fact it is so ugly i could die or, saying sorry to trouble someone while in actual fact, i don't give a shit.

so i am begging that you quit talking to me. i am tired.

unfortunately. it didn't. i'm sorry.

1 comment:

Zaleha Khairene said...

the "mathematical breakdown" you gave reminds me of Dr Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory...gelak sorang sorang baca post ni..good therapy mate!