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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pengembaraan asid durairaj

i like it when one isn't emotionally attached to his job.
like my barber. he doesn't care whether the hair is well trimmed, the shave is close or the sideburn is symmetrical.

and he has this look from his droopy eyes like he's on acid trip all day.

i think the only time he did show some kind of emotion was when i channel-surfed on his tv.

he hates it. he hates it when things changed. he likes his routine. so i figured, instead of being emotionally attached to his job, he is actually emotionally attached to his routine.

now that is worse.


Anonymous said...

Heh.u trust this dude to cut your hair?


Anonymous said...

He is weird but weird people like weird people. They get attracted to each other.. Right?