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Thursday, April 23, 2009

लेजंग काउ kejang

"lejang kau kejang-lah." said the mechanic.
"what the hell does that supposed to mean?" i replied.
"it means your lejang - cram a bit, like muscle cram?" the mechanic continued blabbering all the stuff which are sanskrit to me.

i asked him to start the engine and show it to me. he did. he twisted the key and straight away we could both hear funny sound coming from the V4 engine.

it sounded a bit like "ughhh... arghhhh... arcckk!"
"what the fuck? did that come from the engine? it sounds like ..."
"a guy having cram? yeah-laaa... told you what?" said the mechanic

"how much?" i asked but i guess he could sense that i was worried more about the dent in my pocket rather than the engine.
"about 2350, friend friend... if not probably about 2500..."
"are you sure lejang i kejang?" i asked.
he paused for a bit. took a deep breath, shooked his head and walked off.



Ali Jalak said...

Di tepi jalan, bawah sebatang pokok pinang yang tak rendang. Cuaca - sejuk, angin sepoi-sepoi.

After a few weeks of cranky starts, my car finally gave up the ghost.

"Keto abe dok boleh staak doh"
"Apa masalahnya dik?"
"Keyol dio"
"Ohh... " dalam hati, binatang apa kah itu keyol?

Is it a new species of toyol? I've read about toyols. My favourite, the infamous toyol-in-botol, last seen at the National Museum (no less!) held delicately by the curator in his white gloves.

This keyol must be the more hard working cousin. The one that gives the crank shaft a magical boost before petrol - which by the way, isn't a toyol - takes over.

If keyol is indeed a toyol, then I don't need this bloke. AAM don't employ bomohs. That I'm very sure of.

The last time my car broke down, I had a chat with the mechanic about the elusive bomoh aircon. The one Datuks with Lamborghins, Maseratis and Ferraris allegedly share their grievances with when their temperamental mistresses refuse to blow.

to be continued (maybe...)

Ali Bombay said...


Speaking of Datuks, I chanced upon one recently - as you do these days. This Datuk however, is not your typical Datuk. He is a rare breed. He's in the select group of men who received their Datuk-ships in their 20s. From what I hear, he was honoured for his involvments in charity.

My late grand-aunt said to me once, "Orang yang tak kedekut, murah rezeki". So blessed with good fortune, this young Datuk bagged a fit actress for a wife. Slim and sultry the brand new Datin, 8 years older than the young Datuk notwithstanding. Craddle grab you say? This craddle was made of solid silver.

Datuk's father's father (Datuk's datuk is too confusing), was a noble person. A well respected senior civil cervant in the MCS. He was not just known for his thick handle-bar moustache and stern demeanor, but also for his unwavering principles. A Tan Sri with no money, he died with dignity but hardly a sen for charity.

Datuk's father (Datuk's datuk's son) trimmed his facial hair and joined the corporate world. He got into the import and export business and earned a good living - savings tucked away for a few generations. Datuk's father was very charitable. He gave to poor families, orphanages, his son, mosques, you name it.

to be continued... (possibly)

Anonymous said...

Eh....I like this datuk story...tell la some more. mcm lg best dr citer lejang yang kejang.