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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

sejenak bersama bertrand russel

The difficulties concerning denoting are, I believe, all the result of a wrong analysis of propositions whose verbal expressions contain denoting phrases. The proper analysis, if I am not mistaken, may be further set forth as follows.

Suppose now we wish to interpret the proposition, 'I met a man'. If this is true, I met some definite man; but that is not what I affirm. What I affirm is, according to the theory I advocate:

' "I met x, and x is human" is not always false'.

Generally, defining the class of men as the class of objects having the predicate human, we say that:

'C(a man)' means '"C(x) and x is human" is not always false'.

This leaves 'a man', by itself, wholly destitute of meaning, but gives a meaning to every proposition in whose verbal expression 'a man' occurs.

i like.

p.s. i received a new notebook today. good for me to doodle. its moleskin. :).
its my second moleskin. the rest of the day is dandy. with a moleskin.

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Anonymous said...

U mencarut apa ni? hahaha!!! don't understand at all. din't even try to. moleskin..nice. i tot people don't write anymore now. can i ask, did u get it here or u ordered from the net?