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Monday, January 05, 2009

pregnant pause is so passe

there is a narrow path leading towards my office which had to be used since the bank is under reno. almost always there will be two pregnant ladies walking side by side taking their own sweet time with me behind them. they are walking so slow its almot like a pause. perhaps thats how the term pregnant pause was derived.

to be honest they look like grizzly bears from the back - but of course i didn't tell them that. but what if i did? yeah. maybe i should. i should tell them that - and on top of that tell them that the vermilion coloured blouse one of them is wearing is the most common colour for prostitutes pubic hair in the victorian era.

hmmm. or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!!! vermilion? is that a colour? i googled and found out what colour it is. Man....i just call it orange/reddish orange. Now i know there's some fancy name for it.

Oh, and i also found out that vermilion is also known as China red since majority of it is manufactured in cinnabar mines in China. Chemical formula for it is HgS (Mercuric sulphide).

quite educative posting.


Bovril Lavigne said...

serious shit ada org ingat vermillion is education? bloody hero worshipping's just like mind circumcision