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Saturday, January 31, 2009

i gave a speech on teaching maths and science in english

the ongoing debate bout whether to go english or not.
is dumb. so fuckin dumb.
i remember teaching english to form four kids - using standard 6 grammar books.
it wasnt a proactive decision - i was asked to do so by the principal.

i remember a boy who thought recycling is pretty much like cycling.
he could park the bike at any places and even winning olympic medals.
yes. that was his essay on recycling.
i remember him telling me - his goal in life is to take care of his father's goats.
and breed them.
i supposed english is a bit off tangent for him.

and the best part is.
i was teaching english in bahasa melayu.
so imagine.
teaching maths in english. in malay.

most people are stupid.
some people spent most of their lives living within this stupidity.
some try to live above it.
some question whether or not they are people to begin the case with.

im glad im not people.
im a dragon.
suddenly the dragon disappeared.
freeing up some cells in the brain.
yes - i have a megabrain.

and then someone shot me dead.
he was amongst the audience.

he wore a songkok.
he looks like john mayer.

im glad.

-the end-

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