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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

aku bukan sarkas. aku sarkasma.

unorthodox views are most welcomed right now.
especially when the skies are mauve in colour.
and rainbows appear at night.
tangential to that is the dilemma of a young man.
of which in the entirety of his life.
he found out that being ruthless is pointless.
pointless, without a cause.
in fact causality alone is not necessary.
unnecessary of course when one is living in a shell.

so this young man ventured out of his shell.
but as he left his shell, he was crushed.
he found out then.
he was crushed yes, but that made him stronger.
cause instead of one.
he was crushed into many pieces.
pieces of individual element - each with its own energy.
and this energy is different.
each energy is filled with contempt.
towards each other.
each other hates each other.
this energy grows stronger day by day.
this energy will destroy mankind.

especially those who conform.

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