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Friday, December 19, 2008

TAMIL TIGER - i didn't get in

are you a socialist? are you a tamil tiger? do you drink tiger beer? in association with any terrorist groups? are you against capitalism? and you actually believe that moral values thrive - in reality?

well if you are any of the above. then 'oh my god' - that play suck. sorry i digressed. but think again. again and again. cause you're quite close to becoming an idiot. or you already one by now.

going against the government is so much more a trend than it is what it was. hang on. it never was what it was. are you one of those who has che's poster, t-shirt? mug or well handphone wallpaper. if you are - i salute you, cause che is nuthing but a good looking cigar smoking dead man - who tried. tried. and failed. tried what? change the world? HAHA... i guess over time, precedents tell us, no one has ever done that, the world change us so much when we tried chaging them, when we actually think we changed it, it actually didnt, what it did was adapt; a natural progression of things.

going against incumbent of course fits nicely to a certain 'not part of the herd' sort of pesona. especially when you think you're different - y'know the 'en passant rebel' sort of - thinking you're so smart cause you are all NGO, visit silverfish and you go against fuckin ISA by holding candles.

speaking of NGO. a good friend was at a suhakam gathering once. the screening of bukak api - mostly about sex and pelacur pondan. at the end of the whole thing. some trannies were giving us lecture on how prostitution and transvestites should be administered as a proper industry cause they are fuckin poor and they are what they are and god made them the way they are and all those hooplas. he found himself clinching his fist - supporting the cause of these women with dicks because its going to be his dick that they are going to suck after the party. so basically, putting it into a linear context, suhakam as a proxy of NGO is in the business of? dick sucking /replacement? - i don't know. i know i don;t wanna be part of that for the sake of fuck.

so the point? of course when we were born we were given only a dick and a brain... its quite obvious, using either one rather than both will be less effective. so if you are angry, at the government especially, don't just be a stiff dick and get all angry, use your mind - be a politician yourself or if that doesn't work, fill up a form and join tamil tiger. we are all tigers inside anyways. true innit?


Anonymous said...

i agree

Anonymous said...

hmmm...did i...i mean, was i imagining it? thot i read it differently the first time...the last 2 para...yeah...that's where its diff.