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Monday, November 03, 2008

what's the matter morning glory intergalactic fucker

a girl slapped her boyfriend and calls it a gesture of love.
jeff ooi wrote about pigs and calls it liberalisation of malaysians mentality.
you can fuck that girl.
but you can't fuck jeff ooi.
would you fuck that girl? most definitely.
but would you fuck jeff ooi? most definitely not.
that girl wears panties.
so does jeff ooi.
why am i associating that girl with jeff ooi.
fuck - nobody knows. and i myself do not know.
what i do know though.
those people reading jeff ooi's are fuckers as well.
not literally, literally cause perhaps some of them havent' been getting any.

and as for me reading jeff ooi's.
what the fuck do you care.
and what the fuck do i care?
i believe this country needs more of that.
-the what the fuck do i cares-
cause, eventually everybody thinks everybodys stupid anyway.
i think jeff ooi is an idiot, and that dumbfuck doesn't even know me.
if he does, he'll think i'm stupid anyway.
just like you.
you're prolly thinking the same now.

but what the fuck do i care?


rasya said...

seems like you love the word 'fuck', redza.

so, redza=fuck!

you repeat it again and again and again and again!!

oh, hey! what the 'redza' do i care anyway kan?


i do love your writing btw!

alfie~ said...

hahaha can i call u fuckmen?!! hahaha