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Monday, November 24, 2008


i was running numbers on hk property market when suddenly...
i saw what appears to be spurts of love juice on my black pants.
did i just?

its egg white.
i had some for breakfast.

and then i saw a group of teenage rebels.
singing on tv.
they were jumping in unison.
singing song about how they can' be perfect.
in the rain.
on a rooftop.
on a fucking rooftop.

and then there was this girl.
who from afar look like shit.
and from not so far.
still look like shit.
she speaks english with a twang.
im still amazed at how some of us.
y'know turned out to be.
and what we really are deep inside.

and then i thought about.
the brain and the mind.
if the mind is actually the brain.
then we are all morons.
cause brain is an ugly ass shit.
but since we are not all morons
- at least 10% of us
it must be 2 different entities.

the world isn't looking too good nowadays.
if ur still in school.
stay a lil bit longer.

if ur working.
may God save us all.

MONDAY. always a pit of gloom.


Anonymous said...

ala....if that spurt happen to b what u initially think it is...ur post might be a little bit more xciting....haha

p/s: Happy Monday to you. I love Monday. Always have...never a pit of gloom to me..


beautiful.disgrace said...

you are so kelakar.