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Monday, November 10, 2008

mercy mercy me.

when i was a kid.
there was this ustaz who taught in our evening 'kelas agama'.
somehow, one day we were talking bout dogs.
he told me once in class that, whenever ure chased by a dog.
just shout kithmir.
i was like, "cool!"
cause there was this dog.
a big fuckin black hound.
which looked like a black evil pony.
i had to take the long route back everyday because of that fuckin dog.

so that day... i was like, "kithmir! cool!"
i took the road of death.
there it was.
the black evil pony.
he was staring right into my eyes.
i fuckin stared at him.
i thought, "kithmir man, kithmir"

suddenly dog began to chase me.
i shouted kithmir once.
fuck it didn't work.
shouted again and again.
till i looked like a crazy kid crying while shouting kithmir kithmir kithmir.

the dog made a meal out of me.
stitches and some shots.
in case if it was a rabid hound
i don't know.
thats what the doctor told me.

the following day.
i told ustaz that it didn't work.
the ustaz said, "u fear the dog more than u fear God, u do not have faith in it."
i said, "what the fuck?"
the ustaz slapped me.

on the way home that day.
i took the same route.
i was shit scared.
scared of that big black dog.
but i was keepin faith...
not too sure why, maybe because ustaz slapped me.
cause i said fuck.

but the dog wasn't there.
apparently it was gunned down by a chinese uncle.


silent reader ln said...

meaningful,i guess.

rasya said...

uhh deep!

oh btw, wah, u even love the word fuck when u was kid!
owesome man, owesome!!

mejin said...

wah, laku u sekarang abg redza!!

alfie~ said...

hak hak hak..this is so fuckin funny!!! hahaha~
ok careful...i dont wanna get slapped too..hahaha
(cant stop laughing at you)
running with kithmir? hak hak hak...