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Monday, November 03, 2008

don't wanna show you

my dear.
life isn't a structure.
it can't be explained by flowcharts or mathematics.
the science of life isn't objective.
you can't give options and expect us to pick.
like shade fuckin a or shade fuckin b.
there are no fuckin shades.
and let us not argue over it.
cause argument serves no purpose at all.
oftenly the one who wins, is the one who speaks the loudest.
and loudest of course in modern terms is perceived as having a good brain.
but brains, my dear is overrated.
in the long run it is just a confession of weakness cause brains, are developed, when all else have failed - thus, how could you display such vulgarity, even more vulgar than showing your bank account.
and vulgarity.
creates tension.
creates notion behind motion.
motion leading to expression.
your brown eyes blinked.
you look like you're choking.
that was how you looked.
when you saw that black penis.
that black penis.
reflects life.
cause like i said.
life isn't a structure.
its ambiguity beyond us all.


Anonymous said...

After reading a few, I can't help but to think that you have a lot of anger towards someone..

Anonymous said...