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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

chief is dead

chief is dead.
and that fat IT chick in my department annoyss the hell out of me.
ASTRO killed P Ramlee.
Mislina's comment saying that people are the real power is so cliche.
Kay's Filipino maid doesn't know what cliche means.
Neither do most people around her.
and monkeys.
there were 5 monkeys.
in a room with stairs.
on top of the stairs were bananas.
bananas are linked to a magnetic field.
touch the banana and an ice cold water sprinkler will be triggered.
so when one monkey plucked it, it triggered the sprinkler.
the other 4 monkeys beat the shit out of that monkey.
it went on till it reached a point that any monkey who goes near the stairs will be beaten.
then the monkey was replaced one by one.
they keep beating the crap out of each other.
any monkey who goes near the stairs.
without knowing why.
do you know why?
do you know why you do things you do?
or are you a monkey?

yeah. you are a monkey.
for reading this.


rasya said...

therefore, what describes you who wrote this post btw?

the reader is monkey, so the writer is.... ?

cool munkie said...


alfie~ said...

the writer is a gorilla maybe..NOT..a fool gorilla..

Anonymous said...

So what makes you? An ass?