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Friday, March 30, 2007

post 101.

assuming that the distance of a mile equals to 5280 feet.

with an average length of a stride about 0.8 meter which is equal to around 2.6 ft, reciprocal of that times 5280 feet, we are looking at about 2000 for every mile.

quite funny when you named your journal - "A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND STEP"...

i dont know. i think thats like less what? less than a mile?


Anonymous said...

welcome back bro..!!=)

nhmz said...

so, it means we also cant say "you are one in a million". coz, when there are two million, it becomes two. kan? hope you never said that to your gf!
so, he or she should name the journal "a journey of uncounted step".cos, god sake!!we dont count every step we walk babe! im right kan?