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Thursday, February 15, 2007


look what i found.
that's my name.
on the poster.
together with some other names
i do not know of.
actually if you discount a lot of factors.
i am not too bad, really.
it's just that...
the world doesn't come with discounts.


.da said...

not bad at all!

Anonymous said...

citer ni best la.
tak dapat payment ke.

Anonymous said...

err,cita ni btl2 exist ke?mana tayang??

hezz said...

yelah.. is it true?

LiYaNa2709 said...

Tat Nenas ~ ur work always been there..on FESTIK in UPM hence, i was there 12th College UPM (not as actress) but part of the crew (belakang tabir for props n costumes)..

so..this Kelab Malam...ddnt have chance to see them (our junior2) ...coz 2007 ..iv been graduated from UPM n searching for works...

hv been working for almost..6years as gov servant (servant?) life is such a routine.. T T

But now...i found you again (act snce 2009 on that pisau cukur)..but i really found u again in KIL (hehe.."hi! im that Liyana..the one yg watch 5 times..2times alone..3 times menemani frens --those old frens...the chosen one ~as u describe KIL is 'esoteric' (brjya mmpngaruhi mereka2 ni..utk tgk "movie melayu" -they watch talentime,mukhsin,sherlock holmes, da vincci code, etc yg lbh krg. bila i mention..hey the actor is the one yg wrote Tat Nenas la!") so they like....heh? jom! tgk!!
--and im the feel great and sgt happy..tgk their reaction..n their thought..opinion..comment after the show ^^ best gilerrrrr. i feel like..hey..actually i dh lama nk buat ni..self pampered myself again..watching theatre...(i will be there..PJLA for PDBDreams --hope to see u there.can take picture lg yesterday in Annexe Gallery? ^^) ... and start writing again...

welcome back my hobbies ^^