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Monday, February 26, 2007

fat ex-girlfriend.

i met a good friend of mine back in college and he told me about how he bailed out from a long term relationship a couple of years back because the girl was fat. actually i didn't believe him at first as she was pretty slim when i met her, i mean, how fat could she be? that was when he showed me her latest picture - i had to agree.

i told him that sometimes serious relationship does that to you while smiling out of pretence.
"i asked her so many times to at least shed a few kilos off so that she'll look good for our wedding! even her mother agreed with me! but of course - she insisted that inner beauty is most important and that there is more to life than just going on diet. and that she's really happy!"

i felt for him right away. i told him that his girlfriend was trapped in a happy circle - that she eats when she's happy and when she eats, she feels happier and she eats some more. there is no stopping this. it's definite, it's a loop! (refer diagram below)

and its worse especially when she listens to christina aguilera - here is what she sang,

I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me down I am beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring me down So don't you bring me down today -


"so she stayed fat, and we argued a lot over that and it became depressing. i had to tell her it's not working out like this."

you see, as my friend here is a pilot, now that had seriously aggravated his situation what with the stewardesses and all, and i totally, totally felt for him. i told him that although it might be true that beauty is only skin deep but for a fat girl, it's a deep search within (cyanide & happiness) - and that he was right to dump her.

you must by now think that we are both assholes. that my thought on this is whimsical.

i choose to disagree.

not surprisingly, the fat ex-girlfriend became depressed and unless you are clinically psychotic, you start to put things into perspective when you feel down. and from then on fat ex girlfriend became adamant to lose weight and she did. even better, she even came out in a tv ad recently!

and my friend here, being a classic asshole that he is, called her up asking whether is there any chance for them to patch things up. and not surprisingly too fat ex girlfriend (who is now slim and hot, hot, hot btw.) told him to 'go eat shit.'

seemingly fair, isn't it? but then again, what if, just what if - fat ex girlfriend worked her way to become slim for her boyfriend in the first place. that would've been more ideal isn't it? i mean, why do they need to go through all that while in fact the results would've been the same eventually - in fact, it could've been even better? - they could've been married by now!


so, who's the bigger asshole actually...


klownfish's stupid looking puppy said...

very funny lah this entry.
i like.

dazzledalie said...

diagram is brilliant.

dedua asshole! haha

aneesa said...


an amazing story of love and its obstacles.

sya said...

fantastics blog..i sure visits as often as possible..

Anonymous said...


Bovril Lavigne said...

You are of course. Haha.

The guy is a complete asshole. I love the ending.

The fact they didn't end up together means they weren't meant to be. Sides, it isn't like she wouldn't one day become fat because of pregnancy, etc. Would he stop loving her then? It wouldn't exactly be surprising if he did, that's life.

hezz said...

yes it's me.. hahahaha lawak siot. nice bumping into ur blog! :D

h.a.j.a.r said...

do we really have to be slim so that we can be love? if u really love her it doesnt matter how d girl look like..

gemok ke kurus ke, doea it really matter?

Dee said...

Hehe.. I pun nak menyibuk altho this entry has been posted for ages.=P
Somehow the story is just like how my ex (who happened to be a pilot too.. go figure!) and i went thru before i decided to call it quits. But his approach was rather "rude". I mean I'm not even near obesity weight, and he decided to torment me by telling me no other guy would accept me for my weight and that I'm lucky to be with him in the first place. And comparing me to stewardesses and telling me he'll be ashamed to bring me out with all his pilots friends.. Well, that really tested my patience.. U know, this pilot friend of urs are wht some ppl like to refer to as "shallow". There are nicer ways to encourage his ex to lose weight. Then again, luckily they don't end up with each other.. I'll cringe to the tot of wht he'll say when she puts on post baby weight.. =P
Then again, I'm glad I got out of it, else I wouldn't be marrying ur friend.. =P

Anonymous said...


i'll try this trick..:)

ct kamaliah said...

that 'pilot' was really mean to break with her just like that.
he deserved to have 'that shit' form her..and glad to know that she was really throw him away..;))

Jamal said...

I think that girl should thank the pilot because without him, she will forever FAT!