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Thursday, December 14, 2006

primitive man

some melayu flers - "we live according to your standards!"

the picture, of course has nothing to do with the entry.

so here's the thing. my life is like a pentagon wheel. unlike a standard wheel, pentagon wheel has cogs around it and the basic mechanics of the 5-point-wheel is the cogs will switch position randomly when the wheel spins. however - at a static position the cogs will be arranged in a grid like system which will be explained as follows.

the first cog is called the primrose cog - the middle point of subconciousness and reality. the starting point which will compute what is going to happen next. the 'go' button. waking up from a deep slumber, a short nap or from passing out in the middle of the road somewhere are examples of primrose cog.

the second cog is the primal cog - a temporary cessation where life comes to a halt for about 12 hours. note that primal cog is also known as the intermission cog and it is the main propeller of the Pentagon-Wheel engine. what you do or what you do not do during this cog determines bottomline and ultimately the bodywork of a pentagon wheel. bodywork of an equity analyst is of course different and better than the bodywork of a jobless mindfucked prick who spends a lot of time reading blogs everyday.

the third cog of the pentagon wheel is called the trident. it is where the inner primitive human perversity needs are satiated. and in this dog-eat-dog modern world where bitches should die horrorful death, we call these needs 'the condition'. 'the condition' will be based on the primal cog's activity which means - bottomline. an equity analyst should be able to have higher satiating power than a mindfucked prick who reads blog everyday. - at times too, the trident could also primarily shape the bodywork of a pentagon wheel instead of the primal cog. it does not happen often but if it happens to you, you should consider yourself lucky.

the fourth is the interval cog - the after effect, where the mind is to reduce completely into a primordial principality. this depends entirely on the induction of substances or non-substances into the body during the previous cog which could be the primal or the trident. over dosage will either directly or inversely affect the performance of the next cog.

and finally, the tip cog; where the contemplating begins. during this spinning point, noise and intellectual pollution are reduced to a minimal point during which the mind will wander off to visit friends, lovers, bosses, aunties and other related in their subconcious and perhaps tell them.

"its ok. pakai jari pun boleh."

it continues to spin until which you will realise you are at primrose again. or maybe primal or even trident as explained earlier - they may switch during a round of spin.

in the mechanics of a pentagon wheel, time is not a factor and everything only pretends to be real.

so, do you live your life using a 5-point-wheel? because i cocksure do.

if you're terribly missing my point then probably you're just a square - a pentagon missing a cog.

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