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Thursday, December 14, 2006

medical bills.

two years ago I had a pin-sized surgery hole on my knee and it got infected - causing it to swell terribly. albeit painless, it had green-yellowish sticky-smelly discharge coming out from it. I went to see Doctor Singh. he said he had to cut my knee open and clean it up. "Don't worry young man, I know the cause of this - it's Osteomylitis, we will fix it in no time!"

since it was a minor surgery i was given only local anaesthetics - meaning i stayed up during the surgery. that's how i knew something strange had happened. a foot started to grow from the infected hole! started with an appearance of a toe followed by the other digits. finally a new leg spawned, fully complete which even had full degree flexion - dangling from the infected hole of the knee.

"My Goodness!" Doctor Singh said. i asked the doctor what do we do with an extra leg. he asked me to calm myself down. but i was calm. it is just another leg anyway - if i am one leg short than maybe i would you know - freak out.

Doctor Singh examined the new set of leg and strangely, exactly like my original right leg it too had a hole onn its knee. And the hole too was infected. doctor Singh said,"I am also considering - Osteomylitis" so he went cutting the knee up. to his surprise another foot came out from the new leg.

and it went on - which stopped after a few hours. by then i already had 47 sets of full grown leg. some were even strangely shaved. i asked Doctor Singh - what to do now? he said, he is still considering Osteomylitis. however he suggested that we remove all 45 sets of legs and keep the original pair. i asked him why?

Doctor Singh said it is better to look like a normal person. we need to conform with standards and specifications - especially being a young Malay man. i gave it a thought and i finally agreed. Doctor Singh removed all 45 extra legs and fix the pin-sized hole.

only thing is he didn't tell me is that the surgery was altogether outrageously expensive. if i knew about it i will never agree to it. if you had seen the bill, you too would agree with me - to keep the extra 45 legs. but it was all too late. i am now cracking my butt to pay back all the medical expenses. making things worse, my boss didn't believe my story and declined my request for a raise.

and i found out too, that mine was not the first time it happened, apparently 3 other cases were also reported this year. i am going to investigate further about this. maybe this is a new form of scam done by the private hospitals.


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