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Thursday, December 07, 2006

lukewarm interest

i met a guy the other day. who knows a senior of mine back in school. and then i found out too that the senior's sister is now a girlfriend to a junior of mine. junior is also a nephew to a super senior of mine whom his wife was the god mother of our rugby team back in school many years ago - and that guy also told me that their daughters are now close friends with one of my closest friends who knows my housemate.
and - my housemate was a good friend to my best friend back in primary before he moved to teluk intan. he is now going out with one of the beautiful twin sisters whom my housemate also recently met at a wedding of that close friend who are now close with the daughters of our rugby team's god mother who married my super senior who is also the uncle to a junior of mine - the boyfriend to the sister of my former senior who knows the guy i met!
i told that guy - it's funny how we are all connected.
like pixels that form a certain colour group. and that each colour group will have to conform with other groups to form a context or a meaning eventually determining its resolution.
and when a pixel fails to conform, the system fails.
a dot - otherwise is monochromatic, dull and colourless. in the world of monochromatic dots, individualism stands out. its not about what it means in a crowd but what it means when it is alone - what it really, really means.
a dot ends everything. no dots are connected but if they are they will prove a point. three dots for instance, create a brotherhood of uncertainties... two dots on top of each other : will explain things. a lot of dots standing aligned close to each other, will form a line, which is the basic structure of almost everything. and if they stand apart, they indicate the position of the most important signatures!
a dot stands with meaning if it stands alone. but not a pixel.
the guy i met did not agree. he had this lukewarm interest in what i said.
he left to join other pixels.

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