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Thursday, November 02, 2006

most arabs reacted with scorn

Of the little things I am thankful for…

My desk at the office
-Which is large and has many drawers whose contents will be disgorged only upon my physical or professional death

-As in the absence of sound.

Free newspapers in the morning
-Recently they started stacking newspapers on the way out of the apartment.

The door to my room
-Life would be unthinkable without it

The long walk home to the apartment from the car park at night
-Again, the absence of sound

The particular stray cat I pet every night beside the swimming pool
-The only form of animal that I am likely to see nowadays

Re-reading this entry from item number one, I realise that it’s quite possible I’m losing my mind
-But I’m glad that for the most part of it I am not aware it’s happening.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

was bored coz there's just too many works to be done. dunno which one to do to read ur blog instead...all your older posts that ive never read b4.few months back u used to write that u used to have a cat name ginger. in this post, again (well, before actually) there's a mention about a cat beside the swimming pool.

i guess ur a cat man eyh? love guys who love animals coz sometimes it's just hard to find a man who loves animals. n hate guys that are scared of mean, ur a man. so be a man!!kucing pun takut ka??

nway..glad that u created this blog :)

-often saw u (most of the time looking serious) but never knew u in person. still,loves ur writing. it made me happy most of the time-