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Monday, October 09, 2006


assalamualaikum Warahmatullah, semoga anda semua diberkati Allah. i have a story to share, but before that, sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini let us kill a few jews and feed them to a few pigs.
apart from that, let us applaud najib razak for bringing anak anak felda to learn seni grafik multimedia di Institut Lim Kok Wing PJ.

anyway back to our story.
one gloriously and so sunny Saturday Morning, the happy little dorm in which they lived in -the Prep School was stormed by the news that the School's Principal, the half Malay - half English lady, Hajah Umi Hargreaves and her assistant the Head of Wardens, En. Wong are coming for a surprise visit.

This visit is to ensure that the school is in a tip-top condition, as the relevant 'otoriti-otoriti dan mereka-mereka yang dirasakan penting' will be visiting the school - the first boarding school built in Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan -

and there was a boy named Idris. Idris came from a very very religious background, having been a scholar of Madrasah Gulam Rasul in Teluk Intan. He adheres to the rule of God so faithfully. As well as some notes from the newly packaged Islam Hadhari he could find in the text books.
and he aspires to kill a few jews with his bare hands. or bear's hands?
[I need it to be grammatically correct. all the time all the time. and i thought maybe i could spice it up a bit. oh shit wrong thought]


Heartsong said...

Define a Jew, as in the context here.

ragsy937 said...

Weyh.. Happy birthday!

redza minhat said...

speaks hebrew, celebrates hanukkah and bar mitzvah, shouldve been done and done during the holocaust. unfortunately some left. yes. context - if i ever had one.

tapai thanks. a friend said. all indians are from england. i guess its true for all malaysians too.

Heartsong said...

Weren't some of the early Islamic prophets Jews too?

Anonymous said...

They were Jews but they were not Islam. Moses were their prophet, and a messenger from God. We acknowledged Moses as nabi,but Islam came many many years later.

hepy birthday! nasi kandar Gulam Rasul ada ayam goreng sodap giler!!

redza minhat said...

they are already dead anyway right? - avoid from being redundant please - too many of them to handle nowadays.

ied said...


Anonymous said...

it's nice to see when your writings includes some bits and pieces of your alma mater too. maybe it's just me, but i'm fascinated by it :)