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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

naked mama

don't ever catch your grandma naked. don't ever catch your grandma naked.
oh, i'm sorry. i've been singing. no. seriously. don't ever catch your grandma naked.
anyhow. since it's hari raya i would like to ask for forgiveness from the following list of people for i have - over the past year since last syawal, maligned their taste, damned their extravagance, condemned their thoughts and worst of all could have libeled them and perhaps some of their family members and relatives.

1) Razak Mohaideen
2) Najib Razak
3) Rafidah Aziz
4) Pak Lah & Co.
7) Faridah M. & Co.
8) People driving UNSER and Naza RIA
9) Zainal Badri
10) Khir Toyo & Co.

forgive me. for i know where i stand. which is beside the gantang. my gantang may not be as big or as powerful as your gantang but still its a gantang that i could melukut by.
selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin.


Anonymous said...

aku pun nak mintak maap for spending too much time staring at Dira's ass. n just wanna let u know that I'm not planning to stop doing that anytime soon

Anonymous said...

haha..zakaria takde ke

redza minhat said...

cheeps: stare away. it is meant to be stared at anyway.

dalie: zakar ria kariah khir toyo. him included.

lupa plak lagi sorang. that melaka man who promotes close one eye year in the country.