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Thursday, October 19, 2006

jawa confuse

actually. she was not like this before. she used to love hari raya - you know, all the frivolous trivials.- but then she went to australia to do her masters.
and when she came back, suddenly she said - she hates puasa and she hates raya.
she hates puasa so much that she takes pride in eating hot dogs during lunch. in fact she eats even more than when off ramadhan. she enjoys buka puasa occasion too - even more than others. she gest excited queuing up at the buffet counter, and then putting her hands up when they recite "allah huma laka sumtu..."
she was talking to a friend just now. a malay copywriter, who hates hari raya too. they think, celebrating hari raya is too typical. and even commented that it was nicer when celebrated overseas. other chinese friends were laughing. laughing with them or at them - i am not even sure.
and i heard, they are also planning to take two weeks off during hari raya to which the chinese friends replied "wah so long aaa?" and then they laughed - all that while shoving 1901 hotdogs down their throats.
funny how they all look like jawa though.
selamat hari raya!


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so she's eating hot dogs in malaysia now?

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