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Monday, July 17, 2006

perception management sdn bhd

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

So what kalau Malaysian nak kurang ajar. Pukimak punya otoriti. Kenapa kena insecure sangat. Is it because you spent soo much launching that bloody fruitless KEMPEN BUDI BAHASA DAN NILAI NILAI MURNI? So malu now is it?

Malaysians have been conforming since forever and now its time we show our true colours. Fucker betul, you’ve been teaching us about morality since we were in pre school. But nothing came out of it, why? Because of bastards like you that’s why. Your planned propaganda forcefully shapes the way we are. People slam doors because they are running out of time. They ran out of time because they are late to work. Why? Because oil petrol is so high they had to commute this morning. Public transport so poor they had to wait few hours just to get from Setiawangsa to Kerinci. With these so many issues could you still think of being courteous? FUCK YOU OTORITI!

And then suddenly, we get laid off, or VSS or MSS because of some GLC revamp thing, why do they need to be revamped? Because of you yourself you buttfucking maggot, after so many years siphon money from them, suddenly you realised that the balance is in the red, so who got laid off? So now they no more have money. VSS money only can last for three years, and so we become crack whores and we rob banks because we don’t have money. Plot the figures, you’ll get a near perfect linear relationship between crime rate and economic level, or narrow it down to petrol price or inflation since you like indicators so much. Or maybe, maybe some of us are rude because we can't afford to go to school to learn about morality in the first place! Why? Nevermind why? Thank god for that!

And by the way, otoriti otoriti pukimak, stop getting approval from them kwai lohs about how ‘berbudi bahasa or bersopan santun’ we are. Cause we are not, we will slam doors at their faces, refuse to collect their crap and will forever be rude on the road and heck we might even bully them sometime. That's just the way we are. So just can it already!

Babi betul, salam hormat.

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thydiva said...

damn honest! i like it. and i agree with the whole thing.