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Monday, July 17, 2006

monday morning news

'Danish Editor Burnt Alive'.The editor of the Danish newspaper `Jyllands Posten' was burntto death when a fire mysteriously broke out in his bedroom, a Saudinewspaper claims.According to the newspaper, the editor was sleeping in his bedroom whenthe fire ravaged his bedroom. He and his newspaper became controversialwhen it had published blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).The paper claims that the Danish govt is trying to cover up the news ofthe death. He was hit by divine retribution, the paper added. Muslims,all over the world, strongly denounced this blasphemous act and massiveprotests were held in all Muslim countries including Pakistan. Textmessages and emails that claim that the editor or the cartoonist hasbeen burnt alive have also been circulating since Tuesday, lendingsupport to this report. The paper named the editor as Elliot Back.However, Back is merely a senior in Computer Science at CornellUniversity, who had published the caricatures on his website. Name ofthe culture editor of Jyllands Posten, who commissioned the caricatures,is Flemming Rose. Jens Julius is the name of one of the cartoonists thatdrew the images. There were 12 cartoonists in all, who according to theBBC have gone into hiding. – NEWS DESK

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