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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Dear Sir,

You might not be aware of this but economic growth does not necessarily bring benefits to humankind and the thought that the greater the growth the more widespread the benefit is just nothing but a plate of bullshit.

In many instances, economic growth benefits only a small portion of the population. Take Equador for instance, it is now worse off than before it was introduced to 'growth' i.e. modern economics, banking and engineering, and before they let the foreign oil companies roam freely up the Pastaza’s canyons and dig deep into their Amazon forests.

Now digest this, for every $100 of crude oil taken from the Ecuadorian rain forests, foreign oil companies get $75. Of the remaining 25 bucks, 75% goes to paying off the foreign debt used to finance the developmental projects, which was supposed to generate growth. And with most of the remainder are used to cover military and government expenses – plus minus, it leaves about 2.5 bucks for health, education and programs aimed at helping the poor. Meaning, out of every 100 bucks worth of oil, less than 3 goes to the people who need the money most.

Since 1968, Ecuador’s poverty level has risen from 50 to 70 percent, unemployment rate from 15 to 70 percent while public debt increased from 240 million to a whopping 16 billion!

So what growth are we talking about here? What growth are we talking about when it caused the third world countries debt grew to more than 2.5 trillion with servicing cost (interest) of – over 375 billion? That’s twenty times what developing countries receive annually in foreign aid.

The result of this today runs amok, de facto, the rich gest richer, the poor gets poorer, a one sided party, misery on the other, nothing new about it. Why? Because we keep celebrating this totally screwed up, erroneous system in the first place! We wake up every morning, pursuing growth, pursuing the global culture of consumerisme, keep purchasing things which have now become our civic duty rather than fulfilling needs.

All of these have to stop now, along with the corollary belief that the people who drive growth deserve special status and titles which should be rejected totally. These so called captains of the industry i.e. The Management, such as yourself should no longer have the right to tell us or let's be specific, me; 'people born at the fringes free for exploits' what to do!

You should by now learn to stop telling me how to behave or how I should live my life (or whatever is left from it).

Point of the matter, that is, if you are reading this, I like to walk barefooted in the office, it does not necessarily mean that I am an anti establishment, it only means that I like my feet naked. So you can send me a 'memo' or do whatever you want I am still walking barefooted! Please take note.


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Heartsong said...

Bully for you! So how do you explain the tigers and dragons of SEA or China and India?