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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sweat on my forehead trickled down the neck and then moved gradually down the spine, which finally stopped around the belly joining the rest of the splotch on the crispy blue shirt.

I am weak, and I am a big hypocrite. I have to blame it all on my social background, these generic emotions of wanting more and more was generated by the fact that I grew up as a poor puritan among so many wealthy, hedonistic preppies of Prep School back in 1993.

I have, all my life been influenced, by money, by wealth and by the lives of those who “make it” and their accoutrements – their Bukit Bandaraya mansions, KLCC view condos, yachts and private jets. I am a victim. I am being victimised by such erroneous system, the system that celebrates gluttonous consumption of the earth’s resources - that I consume, consume, consume and give nothing back. I am a sad case. I am a tragedy; it’s like watching a train getting derailed slowly.

Sekali ada sorang budak kecik ni who look so familiar pakai seluar pendek, baju belang belang lalu depan aku, dia cakap,

“Abang, tau takpe!” And then he disappeared.


13 years after being a backseat member of our education system which the outcome has been composed by series of coincidences and happenstances, who would’ve thought that I will end up getting so worked up by an American designed Finance Paper.

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