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Monday, June 19, 2006

The big ass crooked bridge that was never built…

I was about to write about that big ass crooked bridge that was never built when a friend of mine called,"I'm so broke I can't even afford to buy new pair of socks!" which was not the actual reason why he called.

He called to tell me about a particular friend who just got back from the States recently, did chemical engineering, brilliant guy, was offered a very important job with BASF but declined because he claimed that that big ass German Company was statistically guilty of polluting the world. He is now in his parents eroding retirement savings payroll while living in one of their condo in Taman Duta.

"You know a guy who drives parents car and living in his parents house like that can't afford to get easily annoyed and worked up over things"I didn't agree with him, but I could see his point.

"No, no, you see everything annoys him, even with lining up at the ATM in Bangsar, you know what he said? Queuing up is part of the Government's propaganda, education system have been keeping us lined up for life. Everything is political for him now, its all about the working class... I mean does he even know what it means? To be working?"

"Really?" - "Yeah! And I think he suffers from rhinotillexomania"
"What's that?" - "An obsession with nose-picking, I mean it, all the time, its like a grotesque art, you know like one of those paintings they bought for MAS Chairman"

This particular friend of mine actually works as a doctor in Selayang. Both of them were good buddies back then when they were in St. John. However, they were separated after Form Five, my doctor friend went to UKM, Bangi with JPA Scholarship while the other to Purdue with parents' money. At the moment, while my doctor friend is trying to work his way up to become economically independent, in other words the middle class, the other one strive to fight for the working class.

"Brader! This middle class working as fighters for working class thing is a normal thing actually. Working class all the time busy working, where got time to fight, so these trust fund babies who are not working, actually doing the working class a favour by fighting for the people who are so busy working."

And then trying to digress I told him, how I was about to write about this big ass crooked bridge which will get Tanjung Pelepas and that old man more money.

To which he replied, "Yea, you have a point, (mind you, he didn't), you know I was in one of this Theater Workshop thingy about 5-6 years ago, when I came to realise about these things. Me and a couple of friends were watching Vagina Monologue when after the show they opened up the floor for discussion.

There was this one lady, with her leopard print selendang, big ass Prada hand bag by her side with her big ass bling bling bracelet, who commented about the hardships of the kampung women. Washing clothes by the river, giving birth using bidan kampung with no epidural and even explaining vividly how kampung husbands like to take their wives for granted, beating them and shit like that… and then her daughter also added, I feel their pain… All of these are shites man!

Needless to say, more than 90% of the input during the open floor discussion, if not all… silence was more compelling. But I was 19 at that time; 19! And all I did was conforming, nodding to everything. I am no more 19 now, and I have earned a living. I am not going to conform anymore. Conformity is the mother of all futility! So fuck that man!" the doctor friend said.

Ok. So I had to hang up after that cause I couldn't really understand what was it all about anymore. Whether he was angry with a friend or with the System... I got lost somewhere in between. Things get political when you start working. Everything, even the air you breathe… and then, as if that was not enough, we fight about ideas… about religion and faith, you know 'big words' like that. So yea, I think I got tired of it already.

Anyway, so, about that crooked bridge…

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dazzledalie said...

budak st john..biasalah.those pampered rich boy. one of yur good ones!