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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

if you can't be yourself, be rosbabi

recently in a privately held conversation between two hot hot hootchie mamas, who are also active friends on friendster, one of them remarked that that dude 'rosbabi' on friendster is a male chauvinist pig with mental issues. first let me clear this out, that that dude, is me.

and although, that dude, i.e. me, is an annoyingly pompous bastard, who is also a half baked social outcast who fits neither awkwardly nor nicely in the social strata, (in other words a living zombie)... he does not have any mental issues neither a chauvinist which will be explained in a latter part of this flick.

first off, the name rosbabi is not so unusual. if i had it translated to "Piggy Rose", i bet none would find the nick so intriguing. anyway thats not my leading point, my point is that there are in fact many other strange names like for instance Mizz Bz Booty; now a direct reference from, Booty could mean the bontot (secara spesifiknya bontot wanita) hubungan kelamin ataupun najis.

rosbabi, might not appear as cool because he knows where he stands. which is off the crowd. unlike most people who think that they are part of modernism greatest imitation.

most of us do not realise that we are actually nothing but substances in a form moulded by this invisible hand from hollywood... ok sorry i digressed, and sorry you've been bitten. think about this, how could it be even explicitly possible to claim ourselves to be anti racism only to wish that all indons can be sent back home immediately all in the same statement in a page. and even those who say down with female discrimination, and then shout "i can shake my bootay like this chic in this video y'all, check it out". this is by itself; self degradation. rosbabi might be a pig, but you are your own reason why he is a chauvinist.

to end this post, i would like to quote Robert McCloskey, the US State Department Spokesman, "I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant"

that, that i do not have mental issues.

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