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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Think about this.

A Kelisa is RM39,000 in Malaysia. Minus downpayment of RM5000, means you take up a RM34,000 loan. Say 5 years, interest rate at 3.0%, you would have to part with a good RM610.00 monthly. Average Malaysians earn about RM2000 a month.

That very same Kelisa is only about 5000 pounds in the UK. Average temp/office boy in London can earn about 7 to 10 pounds and hour. Overtime is 1.5 times or double. A brick-layer can earn 20 pounds an hour (as compared to the same Indon who lays brick for RM50 a day in our country).Which means, they earn on average (assuming they work 9 hours a-day, 5 days a week) around more or less the same at 2000 pounds a month. If one sets aside enough money, he could get that very same Kelisa in give or take say, 6 good months without even rationing money to go drinking at the pub. And they don't even have to be in debt. Here in our country, in 6 months you could only manage to save up for the downpayment.

And theres more. As car needs petrol, lets talk about petrol; in Malaysia we fork out RM1.92 a litre, now compare this with 92 pence in the UK which means it is like paying 92 sen a litre in Malaysia! (We always convert when comparing while in actual fact we don't have to)

But I think as Malaysian we should still be grateful since we are well, better off than Timbuktu in light of this. (Although Nigeria is now starting to pay up their foreign debt cos of the money they’ve gotten from the rising oil prices. Isn’t that what Malaysia should be experiencing?).

And by the way, a bit off tangent; I read a report by P.K. Basu saying that, that there is no need for petrol prices in Malaysia to be increased too much in 2006, unless prices hit above USD$70 per barrel. However, Price today: USD$71 per barrel with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying it could hit USD$ 100 per barrel should there be a sanction against Iran and since there will be no increase this year, perhaps we will see more than 30% increase next year?

So dear friends, let us migrate and go fruitpicking in New Zealand. But before that, go and burn that Kelisa.

No, Seriously.


Farul said...

yeah... burn that kelisa and then get nothing. no, seriously.

dazzledalie said...
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dazzledalie said...

i like your blog too! No, seriously. =)

+cheeps+ said...

sorry.. aku tade duit nak beli kete baru